STATEMENT   I work with the materials in my local environment.  To my surprise, I find myself thinking about landscape quite a lot – probably because I spend much of my time cycling around rural Norfolk.  But what I look at, and what turns up in my photographic works and occasional site-specific installations are generally small things, overlooked details: the roadkill that’s ubiquitous on Norfolk’s country lanes, for example, or things tucked away behind other stuff in remote medieval churches.  I’m drawn to Niklas Luhmann’s idea of art as “improbable evidence” – a record of the almost accidental impact of human presence (including the artist’s presence), registered in my work as little more than the material continuity of feathers, flint, earth, guts, leaves and stone.

BIO   Steve Baker is a Norwich-based independent artist, writer and researcher, affiliated to the University of Central Lancashire as Emeritus Professor of Art History.  Since 2010 his artwork has been exhibited in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe, and was recently included in two major animal-themed museum shows in Poland and Germany.  Much of his writing over the past twenty years or so has contributed to the international development of the field of “animal studies” in the arts, humanities and social sciences.  His books include Artist|Animal, The Postmodern Animal, Picturing the Beast, and, with the Animal Studies Group, Killing Animals.  Selected writings have been translated into French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Polish and Spanish, and chapters from his books have been reprinted in Routledge’s Animals and Society: Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences, and in Berg’s The Animals Reader: The Essential Classic and Contemporary Writings.