Halted Flight

Interior with Halted Flight I

Halted Flight (2013)

The Halted Flight installation (three large framed photographs of birds encountered as roadkill on Norfolk’s country lanes) was shown as part of the group exhibition Cley 13: The Flight of the Spoonbill, in the 14th-century church of St Margaret of Antioch, Cley, Norfolk, in the summer of 2013.  A short catalogue entry noted the work’s aim “to assign these dead creatures an awkward but integral place in Norfolk’s visual ecology” despite their untimely deaths.  The placement of the three pieces around the church (one hanging from a pillar in the nave, one on a high window ledge, and the third on the floor among other fixtures and fittings) was an attempt to introduce these images as unobtrusively as possible, as if they had perhaps always been there.