Animal Nature poster

Solo and two-person exhibitions:

2019  Fieldwork, curated by Maria Lux . Solo exhibition as Artist in Residence, Animal Remains conference, Sheffield Animal Studies Research Centre, University of Sheffield, April.

2017  Trees and Other Objects, two-person exhibition with Mike Dodd, Fairhurst Gallery, Norwich, UK, June – August.  Book: ISBN 978-0-9935572-2-4, available at: https://treesandotherobjects.com

Artwork in selected group exhibitions:

2020  As Kingfishers Catch Fire: Animalities in Artists’ Imagination, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Ireland, forthcoming April – June 2020.

2019  Cley 19: Borderlines, 14 th -century church of St Margaret of Antioch, Cley, Norfolk, July – August. Collaborative installation with Mike Dodd.

2019  Radical Landscapes: Innovation in Landscape and Language Art, Plough Gallery, Great Torrington, Devon, March – April.

2018  Cley 18: The Greater the Distance the Clearer the View, 14 th -century church of St Margaret of Antioch, Cley, Norfolk, UK, July – August.

2018  Inheritance, Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Norwich, UK, March – May.

2018  Remembering Animals: Rituals, Artifacts and Narratives in Contemporary Art, Main Art Gallery, CSUN, Los Angeles, USA, February – March. Catalogue: ISBN 978-0-692-06481-8.

2017  Members’ Show 2017, OUTPOST Gallery, Norwich, UK, November – December.

2017  In the Open, SIA Gallery, Sheffield, UK, September.

2017  Touching on Science, three-person exhibition with Juanjo Guerra and Geoffrey Lefever, at the annual symposium of the Centre of Excellence for Plant and Microbial Science (CEPAMS), Dunston Hall, Norfolk, UK, March.

2017  Co-Existence, at the Seeing with Animals conference, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky, USA, March. Catalogue: ISBN 978-0-9987688-0-9.

2015  Matter. Place. An Other., Gallery 202, Northampton, September – November.

2015  Cley 15: Marvellous in Ordinary, 14th-century church of St Margaret of Antioch, Cley, Norfolk, July – August.

2015  What Does Art Add?: Figuring the More-than-Human World, City Without Walls (cWOW), Newark, New Jersey, USA, March – April.

2014-15  Arche Noah: Über Tier und Mensch in der Kunst, Museum Ostwall im Dortmunder U, Dortmund, Germany, November 2014 – April 2015. Catalogue: ISBN 978-3-925998-56-0.

2014  Ecce Animalia, Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, Orońsko, Poland, March – June. Catalogue: ISBN 978-83-85901-99-0.

2013  Cley 13: The Flight of the Spoonbill, 14th-century church of St Margaret of Antioch, Cley, Norfolk, July – August.

2013  Forever and Ever (four-person show), Town House Museum and Gallery, Dunbar, East Lothian, May – June.

2012  Screening at the Cosmopolitan Animals conference, Institute of English Studies, University of London, 26-27 October.

2012  Us and Them: Umwelten, Project Space, Melbourne, Australia, May – June.

2011  Animal Gaze Returned, Cass Gallery, London Metropolitan University, October – November.

2011  Salthouse 11: Ad limina, 15th-century church of St Nicholas, Salthouse, Norfolk, July – August.

2010  Standing Heat, The Front, New Orleans, USA, November – December.

2005  Animal Nature, Regina Gouger Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA, August – October.  Collaborative installation with Edwina Ashton.  Catalogue: ISBN 0-9972053-0-4.

Critical commentary on artwork:

2017 Amanda Geitner, “Foreword,” in Steve Baker & Mike Dodd: Trees and Other Objects (Norwich: Singular Publishing). ISBN 978-0-9935572-2-4.

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